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Novances Family Office is managed by Stéphanie Lange-Bourdiec who is based in Mougins/Sophia Antipolis. Stéphanie has extensive experience acquired as Client Service Manager for large companies and has been dealing with international and multicultural clients for 20 years. She embodies the key values of the chartered accountancy profession: independence, expertise and confidentiality.

Stéphanie Lange-Bourdiec is fluent in English and fully masters the intricacies of international practices, while offering an in-depth knowledge of the local market and its key stakeholders. She coordinates a multidisciplinary team to address the questions and issues of her clients, whether strategic or operational, with a constantly objective approach focused on careful attention, excellence and responsiveness.


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Stéphanie Lange-Bourdiec

Novances Family Office

3 Place Jean Jaurès


Direct : +33 4 93 82 80 90 contact@novances-familyoffice.com