Our values

In addition to our technical expertise and professional experience, we believe very strongly in our corporate values, based on integrity, discretion and respect. The services we deliver rest on two fundamental pillars:

  • Independence
  • Collaborative Approach

Novances Family Office – Independence

To build a relationship based on trust, we believe it is essential to work in a transparent and independent manner. Novances Family Office is remunerated solely by its clients and does not accept commissions from partners. This means that our choices are made with total independence and in our clients’ best interests.

Novances Family Office – Collaborative Approach

Your needs can be quite complex, requiring the involvement of multidisciplinary teams. We frequently interact in a collaborative manner with:

  • Your notary
  • Your lawyers

This collaborative approach acknowledges and respects the specific expertise of each profession, guaranteeing our clients a close and transparent cooperation between the different parties.